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Village men dressed as women at Mara Serena Safari Lodge


The Maasai are undoubtedly one of the most famous traditional cultures on earth. In fact, the Manyatta are usually a circular encampment of long, low, rounded houses, created by daubing cattle dung over a framework of sticks. Visiting a Manyatta is a good way to learn more about the Maasai culture and everyday life. Many ceremonies involve the ritual slaughter of cattle or goats with meat being distributed among the community, according to social rank.

At other times, live cattle are bled by opening a vein on the neck or flank with the point of an arrow. The blood is collected in a gourd and the wound closed with ashes. Then the blood is either drunk immediately while fresh or mixed with milk. Even at slaughter, blood is collected and mixed with milk to be drunk later. Sour milk is also considered a delicacy.